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Academic & HIFZ Program Details

Your Child deserves a good Islamic Environment with Hifz program and a good academic program!!

We Offer:

- Safe Islamic Environment and very convenient location (inside the Masjid area)

- Well planned and balanced- Hifz and Academic program, work together efficiently to facilitate the students to perform and excel in both areas

- Professional, Qualified and Experienced Teachers 

- BVS / FLVS (Broward and Florida Virtual School System) with Home School System using the public school curriculum books.

- Strictly follow the Sunshine state standards

- Small Class size for personal attention

- FCAT training provided

- Student Achievement: Just like last year, our students performed efficiently maintaining high GPA and 90% of them maintained high A's. One of our students, Emran Hossain received perfect scores 5 in Reading and 5 in Math during this year's FCAT.

- Alhamdulillah 90% of our students have maintained 4 and higher in Math and 3 and higher in Reading.

- Enrollment open for: 5th grade and up

- Timing: Monday through Thursday from 12:30- 3:15pm and Friday from 10:30 - 1:20pm

- Sponsorship available for needy families